Heirloom colored cottons

Our designs rely on Nature; her rainfall, sunlight and wind affect the texture and colors of our raw materials, making each product beautifully imperfect and unique.

Heirloom cottons from Guatemala

In Guatemala, cotton grows in five rich colors: white, beige, brown, green and pink. Most cotton growers are located on the Pacific Coast of the country, where cotton usually grows amonst coffee trees.

Heirloom colored cottons have been used for centuries by Mayan people, mostly to embelish their traditionnal textiles (huipiles and tzutes).


Indigenous farmers off the Pacific Coast of Mexico and Guatemala practice regenerative agriculture, and grow cotton the same way their ancestors did. Heirloom colored-cotton usually grows in small crops of corn and coffee, it doesn’t require additional water or pesticides. These ancestral fibers are resilient and 100% rain-fed and therefore have zero impact on the environment. It is hand-harvested, hand-spun and hand-woven. Colors may vary from a harvest to another, and products may show nuances because no two cotton bolls are the exact same tone.


In Guatemala, cotton is hand-harvested, hand-spun and hand-woven. It takes a great amount of time to just transform the cotton balls into threads because heirloom cotton's fibers are shorter than regular white cotton. It also requires great skills; only a few master weavers are still able to hand-spin the cotton into beautiful, delicate thread. In Guatemala, our product are handwoven on traditionnal Mayan backstrap looms.