Du Guatemala a New York, Maud Lerayer tisse des liens grace au coton naturel.

Le Monde, November 2022

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Editors's Pick

No dyes here, chemical or natural: Good Mood boucles pillows are made with heirloom wild cotton that grows in Guatemala in shades of terracotta, green, beige, and cream.

Interior Design, November 2021

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31 sustainable gifts for everyone on your list

Choose one of these throw pillows with confidence. Behind the Hill uses organic cottons that are naturally colored. - November 2021

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Color by Nature

Though we think of cotton as white, there are many hues of colored cotton. Mexican varieties yield colors ranging from white to warm peachy neutrals, terracotta tones and subtle greens. Historically, colored cotton has has shorter staple lengths, but breeding has led to improvements.

The Textile Eye, Summer 2021

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True Colours - Behind the Hill's coloured cotton

Selvedge Magazine, April 2021

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