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Landscape cotton throw #2

Landscape cotton throw #2

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Our light cotton throws are very versatile. We use them as picnic blanket in Spring, sarongs in Summer, scarves in Fall, and travel-everything are year long. 100% compostable.

Measurements: 40" x 60" (100cm x 150cm)



Kandu Cotton: Native, organic brown cotton from India
Kora Cotton: Organic white cotton from India


Handwoven on traditional pedal loom in Karnakata, India

Natural dyes:
- Alizarine: Red color extracted from Alizarin, a non-toxic byproduct of coal tar
- Indigo: Blue color extracted from Indigo plant (Indigofera tinctoria)
- Kasim: Black color extracted from iron rust and fermented jaggery
- Anar : Yellow extracted from the outer rind of pomegranate mixed with myrobalan (Indian gooseberry)


For a lifetime of cozy comfort, wash separately in cold water on the gentle cycle with your usual detergent. Tumble dry low.


This Landscape collection was designed when I was on a maternity leave in 2021; it is the result of the short creative window I had that year.
Each design is part of a collection that was inspired by the abstract landscapes of multifaceted artist Etel Adnan.

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Heirloom cotton from India

ಕoದು | कन्दु | read as ‘kun-dhu’

Resilient and entirely rain-fed, this cotton strain requires no chemical pesticides or fertilizers. The revival of Indigenous cotton cultivation has energized hand-spinning and weaving in the area, creating a local, sustainable “land-to-loom” system.

Image and text from Udaanta, India

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ಕoದು | कन्दु | read as ‘kun-dhu’

is the colour brown in Kannada, the common language spoken in the cotton growing region of Karnataka, India.

Imagery by Kandu and Nila, India.