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The Nahual B’atz: what makes our textiles so special - Behind the Hill

The Nahual B’atz: what makes our textiles so special

Today we’d like to share with you an important part of the Mayan culture that also makes our textiles very special.

In this short clip, Delfina, weaver for Behind the Hill, tells us about the Nahual B’atz, the Mayan god of creation.




The Nahual B'atz

Nahual [na’wal] is a symbol rooted in the indigenous Mayan beliefs of Central America. A Nahual is a personal guardian spirit believed to take the form of an animal and unique to each person - it is known to provide guidance to someone during important events and activities.

The B’atz is the guardian Monkey Nahual, known for its creative energy, the arts and the beginning of life hence its roots into creativity and action. B’atz also means thread, the fiber used for weaving. The Nahual B’atz is therefore associated with the art of weaving and intervenes during the creation of each new piece, using its energy to connect the weaver and the textile.

Behind the Hill’s collections of textiles follow this tradition. Our Guatemalan master weavers connect with their own personal Nahual B’atz during the creation process. This means you’ll find each piece uniquely soaked with the energy and emotions of the woman in connection with its guardian spirit.