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Embracing Change: Introducing a Mindful Discount Model

Embracing Change: Introducing a Mindful Discount Model

In June 2017, I launched Behind the Hill, a brand committed to creating contemporary home textiles using heirloom cotton. At that time, our brand was still evolving. With no labels, a meager inventory stashed in two boxes beneath my bed in the East Village, and a self-designed website cobbled together on Squarespace, we were far from a polished operation.

However, what we lacked in organization, we made up for with a clear vision and firm values. From the outset, I knew I wanted to work with natural materials and artisan- made, small-batch products. I was also determined to maintain direct relationships with our makers, ensuring an easily traceable supply chain and fair pricing for our customers. Above all, I was committed to treating our planet gently, ensuring fair wages for our artisans, and steering clear of an unsustainable discount model I felt undervalued the craft of our skilled makers.


Over the next five years, our first collection came to life, our website improved, and our brand began to take shape. We remained true to our initial values, with one revision: we made the conscious choice to offer intentional discounts on select items during specific occasions. This change didn't arise from some arbitrary calendar date (Black Friday, I'm looking at you), but rather from a shift in perspective.

We started considering not just our makers, but also our buyers. This marked a significant turning point in our journey, as we sought to strike a balance between honoring our artisans' craft and responding to the financial realities of our customers. We adopted a thoughtful and intentional approach, ensuring these discounts do not compromise our commitment to the artisans or the quality of our products, but rather enhance accessibility for those who deeply appreciate our unique offerings.

This is not to say that we will succumb to "Black Friday" style, spontaneous discount strategies. We believe in the timeless quality of our collections and resist playing by consumerist rules. We encourage our customers to choose quality over quantity, to invest in a single blanket that they will treasure forever, rather than amassing a collection of things they don’t feel a connection to. As our cotton is exceedingly scarce and endangered, we regard our products as irreplaceable gifts from nature, potentially unavailable in future markets.


Our decision to offer discounts is about creating a win-win situation for both Behind the Hill and our customers. In total transparency, there are various reasons why we offer these discounts, including the need for immediate cash flow to pay our suppliers, funding for new collection designs, professional hires, and our Brooklyn brick and mortar shop rent. In certain situations, such as when shipments are delayed due to my visits to our artisan partners, we also extend discounts as a token of gratitude for our customers' patience.

Beyond these occasional "win-win days," where discounts range from 20% to 30%, we offer several ongoing promotions:

  • A monthly subscription for our scented candles comes with a 20% discount per candle (saving you $9 monthly!).

  • Our pillow bundle offer: purchasing two pillows gives you a 20% discount on your total order (saving $100!), and three pillows gives you 35% off ($240 saved!).

  • Subscribe to our newsletter and receive a 10% discount code for your first order.

  • New York residents can save on shipping by visiting our physical store.

  • Any purchase of $500 or more comes with a free scented candle ($45 saved!).

  • Spend $1,100 or more and receive a free Landscape cotton throw ($110 saved!).

I am immensely grateful for your support, and I hope you'll find something you adore that feels right for your budget. I value honesty and transparency and am always open to continuing this conversation.
Thanks for joining me on this journey, Maud